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memory improvement, peak performance, self help


memory, self improvement, peak performance, self help

100% Brain Usage To Higher Consciousness Melvin D. Saunders

......If our species was meant to do manual tasks with one finger, we would NOT have been born with ten fingers. If we were meant to use only 10% of our brain cells to lead a happy life, we would not have been born with 10 times as much to use. In fact, man (Homo sapiens) is the only creature on earth that does not use its 100% brain capacity. Man also appears to be the only creature on earth that is in constant disharmony with its fellow creatures.

......Dolphins have about the same neuronal capacity as man, yet they live as intelligent, fun-loving and harmonious creatures with their environment. They use their complete brains, not just a fraction. Is it too much of an imaginative stretch to assume that the more you use your brain capacity, the more harmonious your life could be? Can you really imagine a 100% brain user engaged in crime, war, starvation, disease, prejudice or environmental destruction? Of course not.

......So in other words, we're creatures that are designed just as perfectly as every other creature on earth, but we're just not using all the potential available to us like all other creatures! Why? Could it be that we no longer know HOW to connect to our "energy source" like all other creatures? Or is it that we don't care to make the free CHOICE to do so? Free will is such a confusing thing to 10% brain users controlled by "knee-jerk" desires of the body! Regardless of the reason for the brain neglect though, it's the use it or lose it axiom at work here, because average human beings are losing over 100,000 brain cells every day due to disuse or misuse. The more a person neglects using his brain potential, the more his condition is likely to worsen! Is there any wonder why there are diseases such as Alzheimer's, dementia, senility, Parkinson's and other brain disorders increasing in a disproportionate rate to our global population growth?

......What is the solution? Can we really use 100% of our brains and improve the quality of our lives? Of course we can. Instead of having memory loss, we can become memory wizards. Instead of being stymied by the simplest problems, we can become creative "geniuses." Instead of not being able to balance our checkbooks, we can become lightning calculators. Instead of being dull to our sensory world, we can become enlivened and truly conscious about our sensory environment. Instead of being "stuck" in unhappy emotional ruts all our lives, we can learn to get along with our fellow creatures in complete and diversified harmony!

......Everything in life is only as difficult as you think it is. Low self-esteem has become especially prevalent in the U.S. Why? Externalized reasons are often proffered by people as to why they are the way they are -- deprived childhood, no money, bad breaks in life or simply the people around them. Yet, in every deprived situation, there are salient individuals that have had meager beginnings and nevertheless develop stable, happy lives. They learned that it is more rewarding to grow and develop themselves.

......As one grows in self-awareness, the realization slowly unfolds that one's own condition is brought about by oneself and one's own choices in life, whether they are gut reactive, knee-jerk choices or conscious choices. Whatever you were dealt with at birth, your choices throughout your life determine your outcome. The more complete the usage of both your mind and body -- the more physically and mentally able you become, and the better you feel about yourself, too. In so doing, your spiritual development cannot help but evolve a higher consciousness state as well.

......Many people get so "stuck" in daily routines and knee-jerk patterns of behavior that they often never see the many opportunities and alternatives around them every day. To begin the process of stimulating your 100% brain, practice the following 7 brain gymnastic drills for seven days and see for yourself the progress you can make in such a short span of time. Each drill touches upon a different area of your brain.

1) Get used to your body in new ways. Switch your handedness and comb your hair, brush your teeth, stir your coffee or do other simple tasks with your non-dominant hand. Close your eyes and "sense" your way slowly around a room. Get truly conscious of the sounds and smells in the space around you. Also, use your feet to pick up things, flush the toilet or close a door. Read a page in a book held vertically and then upside down!

2) Where normally you would criticize someone, find something to compliment them on instead! Suspend your judgment about that person as well, and view him (her) as simply another human being with different viewpoints than your own.

3) Look in your refrigerator briefly, but thoroughly. Then close the door and enumerate the items contained therein. Do the same with a room of your house, a store front window or a detailed picture on the wall.

4) For 5 minutes every day, put yourself in another person's shoes and view things from another person's perspective for a change and see how it feels. Suspend your judgment about that person as well. Pretend you're an actor and taking on the part of that person in exact demeanor and manner. Feel how it feels!!

5) Whenever you catch yourself worrying, doubting or looking down on yourself, think instead of what you most want out of life in complete detail, and affirm to yourself the achievement of same. Replay this positive inner movie whenever negative thoughts intrude during your day.

6) At the end of every daily hour, review what happened to you during the previous 60 minutes. This is good practice for getting more mindful throughout your day, and should only take seconds to do. At day's end, mentally review all the events that happened to you throughout the day up to your present point. Memory gaps about your day's events reveal unconscious moments.

7) To develop flexibility and adaptability to change in your life, do something different every day. Shop at a different store. Take a different route home. Bake a pie or a loaf of bread. Involve yourself in a new game or sport, like roller skating, bowling, karate or sky diving. Introduce yourself to a new neighbor. Sameness every day is a death knell to your brain. For more complete usage of your brain, diverse stimulation is the key. It also gets you unstuck from habits and ruts that are bringing you unfavorable results.

......A new training manual with over two hundred mental exercises has recently become available for those willing to improve themselves. It is entitled, The 100% Brain Course, and it shows you how to train yourself to do extraordinary things with your mind and body.

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memory, self improvement, peak performance, self help
The 100% Brain Course

The 100% Brain Course
memory, self improvement, peak performance, self help
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memory, self improvement, peak performance, self help
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To Summarize:  Memory - Self Improvement - Peak Performance - Self Help. We are wondrous and powerful magnets, therefore our magnetic power hinges upon our use of thought. Memory - Self Improvement - Peak Performance - Self Help mental fitness course can be used to stimulate your 100% brain gym nastics, not just a fraction of it! memory, self improvement, peak performance, self help, self development, mind power, brain exercises, meditation  memory, self improvement, peak performance, self help  As we give conscious thought to what we want, the magnetics reach out into the Universe to find other thoughts that are like it.    memory, self improvement, peak performance, self help There's no mystery about the key to wealth.  Every intelligent man or woman knows that THEY are the ones that create whatever wealth reality they want in life. wealth management, prosperity, abundance, wealth, synchronicity, serendipity, personal power, creativity. memory, self improvement, peak performance, self help chi energy, subliminal messages, self hypnosis, serendipity, organic gardening, lucid dreaming, critical thinking, Tesla, human resources, dowsing, learning styles, self healing, skycar, magnetic therapy, biodynamic farming, ambidexterity, left handed, synchronicity, self improvement, peak performance, self help -  time distortion, hypnosis, improvement, peak performance, self help.

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