Most people are under the impression that all people are basically the same, with the same emotions, the same thinking capability, the same senses and have basically the same skill sets. Nevertheless, there is this small percentage of the population (around 19%) where their personal awareness skills are all enhanced dramatically with higher sensitivity. A person’s level of awareness is where people differ distinctly and it explains why and how people do many of the things that they do within each level of awareness. Both internal and external awareness is crucial for proper functioning within your life. The higher your level of awareness, the more you notice different things around you and within you. When people develop their awareness, they often cannot relate to family and friends around them. This is why masters often caution students not to discuss their higher abilities with others. Arrogance is the danger when acquiring higher skills and abilities and should be avoided because it signals others that your skills are better than theirs. Level 1 is at the basic beginning level (81% of the population). Level 2 is 10 times more sensitive than Level 1 (15% of the population). Level 3 is 100 times more sensitive than Level 2 (3%). Level 4 is 1,000 times more sensitive than Level 3 (.9%). Level 5 is 10,000 times more sensitive than Level 4 (.0001%). These ratios are another reason why the higher level skills are not at all understood by the lower levels and should not be discussed with them. When we look at the bulk of mankind and what most individuals do in their lifetimes, it looks as if man’s large brain was meant for a different race of people long ago destroyed or now progressively devolving due to the lack of brain use. Suppose though, that our large brain was meant for us, but it was meant for us to develop into more aware human beings, perhaps through 5 distinct awareness levels?! Would such development necessitate the more complete use of our brain instead of only a small fraction of it?! Would that make sense? To explore this question further, we need only review the awareness skills of extraordinary human beings, both past and present. These skills show what developed human beings are capable of. To do this though, flexible thinking is necessary because everyday people often assume that if they cannot perform a skill, then nobody else can perform that same skill and they thereby easily disbelieve that extraordinary awareness skills are possible. Through the work of several researchers in recent years, it has come to light that the general population is sharply divided in some very important ways. About 81% of the population is totally different from the other 19% of the population?! The smaller group is more "sensitive" as opposed to the larger group being not so sensitive. When you divide the smaller group into 4 smaller subgroups you find each subgroup has distinct awareness skills that the preceding larger group did not have. As you advance to higher awareness levels, you acquire and mature more advanced awareness skills as well. Therefore, it appears that your awareness level can be determined or defined by the awareness skills you have attained or been born with! Why is any of this important? Well, to 19% of the population, it explains why sensitive people think and experience emotions so much differently than the larger group. This is so important to understand that people in the smaller group can easily see why they have had so much difficulty relating to those people in the larger group. Their thinking is different, their emotions are different and the way they sensorily experience the world is so much different than the larger group. In fact, attaining higher awareness seems to be the reason we were born on the planet - so we could advance ourselves to the highest awareness level that we can before dying. Each time you die, you carry your awareness level with you and are reborn with the same inherent awareness level the next lifetime even though you still have to go through your adolescent period of awareness maturation to enhance and understand the awareness level you were born with. The higher your inherent awareness level, the quicker the maturation of same. A good example of this is the current 14th Dalai Lama, who the lama followers believe is the same soul that has incarnated from the 1st Dalai Lama to the 14th. Each time the Dalai Lama dies, the lamas actually go out looking for him again as a little boy! It makes perfect sense when you think about it! After putting so much work into acquiring a high level awareness during a lifetime, keeping that awareness in the spiritual realm and then retaining it for your next lifetime is quite logical. Nevertheless, each soul must go through the maturation process of working their way through the hormonal changes of a youngster into adulthood. The better their environment and the associations they have as a little child, the quicker the maturation process. Why is this important to us? Well, let's first see how we came into the world. We are born with so many emotional wants and needs as a child and it occupies most of our time. This is Level 1 and I suspect that thousands of years ago when we were far more advanced, we had parents and teachers that nurtured us along to mature our development out of Level 1. Somewhere along the way, the population deviated from this path of guidance and ignored those at higher levels to help them navigate through the material, physical world, and most of the population got stuck at Level 1. Hence, the population devolved into its primitive condition today with all its ill health, wars, greed, power mongering, crime and misery creating havoc throughout the world when the more correct way of behaving seems perfectly clear. Level 1's simply refuse or ignore the idea of developing themselves because they are largely NOT self-motivated to do so. They need help, but they usually don't seek out the help they need. Level 5 masters occasionally come down and grace our planet where usually a religion is formed around them and proselytes largely misunderstand their simple message to take their example and develop themselves. Now it does not mean that masters are still not available in the world, because they are, especially with the worldwide Internet delivering so many wise messages from so many sources. The purpose of this book is not to sound like I am separating people into 5 categories, but instead to simply recognize the skill differences between the 5 major awareness levels that I have outlined below. 5 - Superconscious Mind/Awareness 4 - Approaching The Superconscious Mind/Awareness 3 - Conscious Mind/Awareness 2 - Approaching Conscious Mind/Awareness 1 - Subconscious Mind/Awareness         By examining the exception to the rule, instead of the rule, you begin to see distinct and discernible groupings in people.  Most of these skills go unnoticed by the bearer until they compare themselves with other people and even then, they cannot believe that others do not have the same skills as they do!  Nevertheless, when you begin to list the skills or traits, you notice they are consistent within each awareness level, and not just some random anomaly that can happen to anybody.  The importance of this is that it explains a lot about human nature within each awareness level that heretofore has not been acknowledged within our population.  When you understand this, you understand how to move up the scale to the next level by simply increasing your awareness skills!  When all of the awareness skills have been increased at the new level, then you are at the next level.  To explain further, let me enumerate the awareness skill categories so you understand. 1)  Emotion awareness 2)  Physical health awareness 3)  Honesty and integrity awareness 4)  Energy awareness of self 5)  Energy awareness of people, places and things 6)  Learning/Memory awareness 7)  Diversity/Flexibility/Multi-Tasking awareness 8)  Imagining/Visualizing awareness 9)  Analytical/Creative/Intuitive thinking awareness 10)  Kinesthetic awareness 11)  Visual awareness 12)  Auditory awareness 13)  Olfactory/Gustatory/Tactile awareness 14)  Decision-making awareness 15)  Awareness about obtaining the things you need when you need them 15)  Responsibility awareness         When you understand these skills within each awareness level category, you will understand more fully and can find your own skills and traits within one of the awareness level categories.  I am NOT saying that Level 1 people (81% of the population) are less human than higher levels, anymore than a 6th grader is less human than a 12th grader. I am just saying they are completely different with different skills and traits.   We all are born into the world as little children to move from Level 1 to the higher levels as we mature our skills and traits from infancy to adulthood during our physical lifetime on earth. Otherwise, why would we be born with such a large brain, unless we were meant to develop it?  When we don't develop it, we get what we are currently experiencing in the world today - war, greed, power mongering, crime, misery and ill health with especially an epidemic of brain degenerative diseases.  It's the "use it or lose it" axiom.   Recognizing your own awareness level gives you the incentive to go further. Seeing where you were when you were young and where you are now gives you an idea of whether you are improving or not improving through your experiences. OK, now let's look at the differences between the 5 distinct levels of awareness.