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Creative Alternatives Center In Florida For The Near Future

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Various unusual types of architecture will be represented at the Center

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Our artesian well water will feed the ponds via a cascading series of tubs which can also hold fish

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Many varieties of bananas will adorn the driveway and pineapples will be available in the garden

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Jumbo muscadine grape arbors, climbing chayote, yams, passion fruit and jicama will dress the landscape

dome homes, geodesic dome homes, futurism, futurist dome homes, geodesic dome homes, futurism, futurist
Cattle ranching and sugarcane growing constitute many square miles of nearby rangeland

Alligators --- Many different animals can be raised on the property --- Capybara

There are 900 ostriches at this nearby farm where they have eaten the grass down to dust.

A geodesic dome greenhouse can house and protect plants and exotic birds

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Step Into The 21st Century With Us!

The Following Is A Conceptual View Of The Intended
Creative Alternatives Center For Florida

...... The intention of the Creative Alternatives Center in Florida will be to illustrate the workability of many unusual health & agricultural advances, accelerated learning techniques and alternative energy sources that have not been encouraged by orthodox science in some way. By developing a small working community module of many creative technologies and methodologies, world citizens can see first hand what innovative options are available to them. The Center is already like a subtropical Garden of Eden because the location has a general 72 - 88 degree Fahrenheit (23 - 30 C.) temperature year round. Accommodations on the property are being constructed for approximately 20 people in several domes and pyramids. There is clean dry air to breathe, and many wild animal sounds during the day and night that lend a peaceful overtone to the area.

...... A relaxed speed, efficiency & productivity will be very important at the Center. Major climatic and earthal changes are continually happening to the planet at an accelerated pace, and our concept will be to provide comfort, preparation & possible relocation for all those participating at the center in the coming years.

...... The project will have the qualities of an agroholistic health and spiritual development center with individual growth as its primary objective. Many workshops and guest lectures will provide a continual learning atmosphere for participants. Nutritious organic food will be available to all residents and guests. Solar, wind, methane, hydrogen and non-conventional energy will provide much of the electricity for the Center. All unusual architecture at the Center will provide efficient energy use, as well as offer a futuristic atmosphere for visitors to enjoy.

...... Each new resident will be assisted by other residents to get them productive and prosperous within the community. All multi-faceted organizational operations will be handled by a panel with weekly brainstorming sessions to improve, invigorate and provide a dynamic creativity to the Center's progress. New ideas will be implemented quickly, and frequent change will prevent inaction and any "stuck" conditions from happening.

...... In the beginning stages of development, new residents will be provided temporary quarters in the various structures around the Center, and later given permanent living structures as quickly as they are made available within this subtropical setting.

...... We will demonstrate how to maximize production of organic agriculture through diversity & ingenuity. Unusual agricultural experiments using sound, magnetism, electrification and special composts will provide an abundance of giant, succulent vegetables & fruits. Like the garden of the Aztec king, Montezuma, our Garden of Eden will have every available subtropical species of healthy herb, fruit, nut and vegetable in a vast arrangement throughout the Center.

...... Enormous King Stropharia mushrooms, giant Tahitian squash, sweet, basketball-size, Mexican wax gourds, giant New Guinea beans, watermelon-size Colombian papayas, 150-lb. African yams, 20-foot tall African coffee bushes and other exotic vegetables and fruits will provide a nutritious, unusual bounty for all.

...... The Center will aim for esthetic beauty, neatness and cleanliness throughout all the acreage. Edible flowers, herbs and medicinal plants will sculpt the Center's landscape. Vertical columns of cocktail tomatoes and cascading strawberries will be interspersed throughout the Center's grounds and arbors & trellises of chayotes, giant passion fruit and jumbo muscadine grapes will adorn the pathways between the dwelling units.

....... Aeroponics (plants grown with roots exposed to the air) and organic hydroponics will provide novel varieties of vegetables and herbs in the Center's quonset-hut greenhouse. Geodesic dome greenhouses will house various tropical varieties of herbs and fruits while also supporting above ground aquaculture drums of tilapia, catfish, shrimp and other aquatic species.

........ Special experimental plots of exotic crops like winged beans, amaranth, hearts of palm and bamboo shoots will provide additional delicacies. Exotic animals like ostriches, Terai goats, giant bullfrogs, alligators, iguanas and turtles will be experimentally raised.

....... With hundreds of diverse, subtropical plant species, a seed and germplasm bank can provide propagation material to other agricultural & horticultural researchers around the world. A mist system will be used for starting cuttings.

........ A small, antiseptic laboratory will nurture tissue cultured plantlets to provide an alternative method of propagation for certain plants. Sterile test tubes of germplasm and clones can be easily exchanged with other global laboratories.

......... Many different horticultural workshops will be offered, involving grafting & air-layering techniques as well as bonzai culture.

....... Aquaculture arrangements will also provide a managed supply of easily harvestable fish. Watercress, Egyptian papyrus reeds and other unique plants will also be cultivated.

...... From D. Campbell's San Antonio, TX model of 1911, a large roost will house a bat colony to help check any mosquito population around the Center, as well as to provide valuable guano for the Center's gardens.

...... A wide array of holistic health modalities will be made available to all Center residents and guests, including acupuncture, acupressure, reflexology, herbology, massage, light & color therapy, homeopathy, osteopathy, sound & breathing techniques and self-healing methodologies.

...... An entertainment facility will provide many opportunities for expression among participants. A wide sampling of exhilarating forms of entertainment will also be available both on and off the Center's grounds, including hang gliding, horseback riding, hovercraft trips and air boat rides across the Everglades.

...... Underwater birthing and prenatal & preschool methods of learning will be encouraged at the Center. Families will have available a wide array of accelerated learning techniques to advance children rapidly through the educational process. At the Center's Mental Training School, many exotic learning methods will be encouraged for participants of all ages, including high speed reading, lightning calculating, and learning a fluency in a language in 3 days! Our 100% Brain Course will be used to tone and build diversified mental abilities, while guest lecturers and workshops will offer out of the ordinary opportunities for all who desire to improve themselves.

...... You will learn how to tune into your inner creativity, choose productive moods and attitudes, and achieve a satisfaction in your life by enjoying what you do and by doing what you enjoy. You will learn how to enhance your sensory awareness through becoming more conscious of yourself and your environment. You will achieve a deeper understanding of self, and develop a better respect for others. You will master new skills quickly and easily, and you will improve your overall problem-solving abilities. All in all, you will learn how to take charge of your life and communicate honestly and distinctly with others. Love, forgiveness and compassion will naturally begin to flow from your inner being as you elicit more of your innate potential.

...... Positive affirmations, visualization and self-hypnosis will all be taught to elicit constructive mental attitudes and to increase overall aptitudes. Rhythmic methods of learning and memory techniques will afford better retention of any material presented. Regular verbal interchange and discourse through brainstorming and think tanking will be used on a daily basis to sharpen the thinking skills of residents. Imagination and Dream Tapes will be used to explore lucid dream worlds where residents can "act out" information learned in a time-distorted manner, compacting hours of "hands-on" experience into seconds or minutes of "real" time.

...... Harmony and individual growth through developing one's innate capacity to achieve a higher state of consciousness will be preeminent among participants. Meditation and weekly readings of diverse spiritual material at specific times will afford contemplative and discussionary periods for residents to explore inner philosophical thought.

...... To encourage a balanced, mental diversity in residents, music, art, language, science and the martial arts will be among the subjects offered at the Center without losing touch with who they are as spiritual beings. As growing individuals, we all know that we are more than just our physical bodies. By respecting ourselves and all other life, health can exist as a balanced energy exchange between us and our environment.

...... The Center will also set an example of how to utilize waste from various sources. Composting of all the Center's organic waste will provide a valuable fertilizer. To maintain the organic farm, a larger composting operation will be achieved with vegetable refuse from a county food processing plant and manure from a local dairy farm. Human waste will be decomposed in biogas digesters and provide a usable energy source of methane gas as well as a liquid sludge fertilizer for the compost operation.

...... Over 150 tropical varieties of fruit and nut trees will be grown and made available for sale at the Center's plant nursery. The nursery will also supply fruit-salad trees of grafted lime, lemon, grapefruit, orange, kumquat and tangerine on the same tree, as well as 5-varieties per tree of grafted avocados and mangoes too.

...... Once a week, there will be a giant luau-type feast and celebration where unusual delicacies can be tasted and enjoyed. The public is invited to attend, and cooking methods can be viewed, discussed and shared.

...... At the Center's store, the public can buy organic vegetables & fruits, explanatory literature and various handicrafts. Exotic seed material can be sold or exchanged via the Internet to world citizens. A computer networking system and information exchange via the Internet with other research centers in the world will provide up-to-date breakthroughs to all Center participants.

...... Most of the Center's projects will be video taped and/or written up & made available to other researchers in the form of information booklets and how-to-do-it plan sheets so others can share our results. A monthly Internet newsletter will tabulate all progress throughout the year. A library of books, newsletters, magazines, videos and audio tapes will be maintained for participant's research purposes. Special accelerated learning programs on the computer will be designed by Center residents and offered on world markets.

...... Since people are accustomed to receiving money as their reward for work, the Center will be operated on a profit-sharing basis where a number of work-credit hours will achieve a proportionate share of the Center's profits as determined by a monthly accounting. There will be no straight salaries as such, but the more you contribute to the success of the Center, the greater your reward and personal satisfaction. With personal commitment and shared risk, participants will pull harder to make the Center a success.

Come Share Our Vision

...... Team up with us at the Creative Alternatives Center in Florida. Florida is warm and sunny, and agricultural crops can be grown year round. Greenery, growth and aliveness is everywhere. Witness first hand how organic fruits and vegetables can be more profitable to the farmer and healthier for the consumer. See why energy efficient structures can be cheaper to build and more fun to live in. See why renewable energy sources can cut costs and even generate a saleable excess. Some of the intended ideas at the center will be ancient, many will be new, most will be different, and all of them will work. By demonstrating what can be done with an energetic community of people utilizing appropriate technology, accelerated learning methods and unorthodox breakthroughs in science, health and agriculture, a continual learning atmosphere can be achieved for all who partake of its benefits.

...... Although the Creative Alternatives Center will be partly an intentional community for residents, its operations will be run like a profit-sharing business. You've heard about Disney World's Epcot Center, Biosphere II and Japan's Aquapolis!? Even though the Creative Alternatives Center will not be designed as a tourist attraction, its very innovative nature will no doubt attract thousands of curiosity seekers from around the world. Therefore we need multi-faceted participants who are action-minded, have a positive attitude & undaunting self-confidence, and possess the self-awareness enough to know what direction in life they would like to lead. Couple these qualities with a desire for service to mankind and a love for self and all living things and you're close to being a well balanced Homo sapiens, right!?

...... We need temporary and permanent participants at our Center. After reading this article, please respond if you feel our vision is suitable for your efforts. If you are interested in becoming a participant and/or a teacher at the Creative Alternatives Center either fulltime or part-time, please write and tell us about yourself.

The Power Of Intention

...... How many people do you see every day leading confused, unintentional lives? They say and think one thing, and do something else. They lie to themselves and others so much to excuse their behavior, and basically drift from one gut impulse to another, winding up with low self-esteem and little self-confidence as a result. Through their own self-doubt, they cloud and block any clear direction to their lives. It's all so unnecessary and it's very preventable. The self-improvement course material offered at the Center will help guide people along to a more clear purpose for their lives.

...... Many people believe that thinking must involve words. Words can carry intention, but to think with pure intention involves a shift away from words to the realm of feelings and desire. When boy meets girl, intended messages are easily exchanged without words. To consciously think and act with positive intention can manifest tangible, positive results. Clear, focused thought is like a powerful energy beam that can be a crystalline predecessor to action. When you act out your intentional thoughts, successful results can be yours. Action completes your intention. With practice, you begin to realize an inner knowingness and connectiveness to everything.

...... How can you use the power of intention in your life? Since all things happen synchronistically in your life, the clearer your conscious intention, the more precise will be your realized goals. Your internal chi can synchronize its powerful energy potential with other energy streams to fulfill what you want in your environment. Scattered, unintentional thinking does the same thing when it synchronizes you to receive scattered, unintentional results. It's all a matter of thinking and directing your intention to what you want and not to what you don't want. Remember, you draw to yourself what you outwardly project from yourself. Act with enthusiastic desire toward your intentional goal, and simply let what you want to happen in your life happen. You always attract the ideas, people and things to you that your own vibrational energy field projects. When you change the vibration of your intention, the things around you will change to resonate with it.

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